Saturday, December 6, 2008

About that...

The Gist
A passion for baked goods + a love of writing + loads of inspiration = this. My little blog all about my misadventures trying to be some sort of Martha in a dorm kitchen dated from 1929. I'm on a mission to share all my recipes and document the trials, the triumphs, the fire alarms, and a whole lot of sugar.

The Voice
I'm Brie, a dedicated student on all things tasty. I get OCD about colors and cake decorating, sleep not nearly enough, and bake all sorts of loveliness with the bf. When I'm not bumbling around the kitchen missing my KitchenAid back in Chicago, I'm spending hours working as an aspiring interior designer at Cornell University.

The Legality
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The Contact
For the moment, contact is rather limited, but I love to chat so feel free to comment your little hearts out or send me an email at bmr67 (at) cornell (dot) edu. Or find me on facebook and stalk me that way...

The Beginning
That being said, please enjoy!


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